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Brookline's best masonry contractor service.

Brookline Masonry provides the most professional general masonry contracting in and around Brookline, Massachusetts. Our team is comprised of the most experienced and skilled craftspeople, artisans, and technicians available and we work with our clients to build incredible and beautiful projects such as stone patios, retaining garden walls, fire pits, outdoor paths, countertops, and much, much more. Our team is deeply dedicated to our craft and the high quality workmanship that our customers have learned to expect from us. If you live in Brookline, Cambridge, Newton, or any other neighboring city or town, we're the contractors for you and your next masonry project. Call (857) 477-7767.

Ready to get started? During our call, make sure you tell us every detail about your project and situation so we can best assist and guide you. Our services include but are not limited to: stone masonry, concrete, bricklaying, fireplace installation, concrete bricks, stairs, stone, brick stairways, driveway, outdoor and indoor paths, foundations, brick veneer walls, mortar repair, resurfacing, and retaining walls.

We've been servicing the Brookline, MA area for many years and we've come to be one of the most experienced companies in the art and craft of skilled masonry work. Our concrete, stone, and brick masonry is unmatched, and our many years of experience and passion for perfection are at the forefront of all of our jobs, no matter how big or small. We guarantee that our customers and employees alike feel like family and that we'll become your lifetime masonry and concrete contractors. Our professional artists and masons are trained to provide outstanding and unbeatable quality customer service to our clients. We teach and stay up-to-date on all of the latest masonry designs, materials, techniques and advanced technologies. Our dedication and passion for masonry is what sets Brookline Masonry apart from other construction companies or contractors.

While our masonry work is of the highest quality and craftsmanship, we're very understanding and accommodating for our clients specific project budget constraints and means. We create masonry projects for residential customers and commercial businesses in the area, but we give the same attention, care, and craftsmanship to all of our projects and clients, big or small. If you're ready to get started on your next amazing masonry project, please fill out the free estimate form on this page and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. To get in touch with our team of masonry artists and experts instantly, it's easier to call us for a quick estimate and information about how we can help you. We can't wait to get started!

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Proudly Serving Brookline, MA

We provide stone masonry services to Brookline, MA and the Greater Boston Area.

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Brookline's Top Brick, Stone, and Concrete Masonry Contractors

We understand the decision making process necessary to figure out how you want to go about adding a new addition to your property, so stop banging your head against the brick wall and let's help you figure out what direction you want to go in. What is firstly important is finding the right company for the job?

Choose Brookline Masonry because:

- We'll never upsell you with unnecessary materials or labor.

- We'll never rush or pressure you during your decision making.

- We'll never take on more projects than we can do.

- We'll never be stubborn or arrogant about specifics (particularity is welcome -- it's your project and your money, after all).

- We'll always get back to you in a timely manner.

- We'll always leave your home or business looking better, cleaner, and friendlier than how we arrived.

We're also part of the community, so we truly understand the kinds of people who hiring us and what you're looking for. Let's create something incredible. With our customer's vision and our masonry expertise, every one of our projects is more breathtaking than the last.

Regardless of your project and specifications, we'll build it tough, we'll build it to last, and we'll build it to be beautiful and functional. Hire us a Brookline Masonry and you'll never have to worry. Quality work is what we do.

Our company culture is fun, easygoing, friendly, and professional. We care deeply about what we do and we know everything there is to know about our work. If our work ethic and reputation sound like a good fit for you and your masonry project, we would be honored and delighted to hear what you've got in mind. Call us today at (857) 477-7767.

During your call, we'll provide you with a general estimate and quote for your project. The more specific you can be, the better a sense of your project we'll have and the more accurate a quote we can provide. When you hear our amazing prices and get a sense of our passion and dedication for masonry, we'll follow up with you to come check out your property in-person and send out a team of our designers and masonry craftspeople. This will allow us to give you a more accurate proper estimate, scope, and timeframe for the project. Included standard for all of our clients and projects is our rock solid warranty which includes a checkup and maintenance plan. We take care of our customers even after the project is finished because we strive to build and maintain lasting working relationships with our clients.

Brookline Masonry contractors delivers a whole package of artistry, care, and support. If you've worked with us before, welcome back. If you're new and thinking of giving us a shot, we're so excited to earn your trust and prove that we are the best and most versatile concrete, brick, and stone masonry contracting company in the Brookline, MA and beyond.

Affordable, Reliable, and Efficient Masonry Work

We will always provide you with a fair and competitive masonry project price and quote. We set ourselves apart from other contractors by ensuring that our service costs are reasonable enough to suit the needs of Brookline and all surrounding town residents.

There are hundreds of different styles of brick, concrete, and stone work to choose from for your project (see the Our Work page to compare pictures of our projects using different materials). We strive to keep our costs low enough for all of our clients to be willing and able to work with us to build something incredible and beautiful and we pride ourselves in our customers always coming back to us at Brookline Masonry when planning their next projects.

Our team of skilled artists and masons design custom solutions for your projects. Everything we build is unique, beautiful, and tailored to your exact situation and specifications.

We at Brookline Masonry absolutely love helping Brookline residents and contributing to the beauty of Boston and the surrounding area. Whether it be a residential project or commercial work for your business, we're the #1 local masonry contractor service in Brookline, MA. You tell us what you're looking for, and we'll craft your dream project - one stone at a time.

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Beautiful & Functional Masonry for Everyone

We've been doing masonry work, management, design, and labor for long enough to say confidently that there is no type of masonry service or job out of reach for our incredible and skilled team.

Homeowners - rest comfortably and assured. We've worked with everyone from clients on shoestring budgets to clients willing to sign a blank check for us to do what we do. Common home residential masonry projects are: repair or installation of stone or brick fireplaces, chimneys, brick and stone walls, stacked stone property borders, stone steps, stone patios, garden walls, and stone pathways. We can also pour concrete for swimming pools, house foundations, stamped concrete designs for your driveway or patio. Incredibly sturdy retaining walls from any material you'd like (brick, stone, or concrete). How about tuckpointing and veneering for steps, stairways, and walls? We also offer resurfacing, painting, molding, grinding, sealing, and paving services. Maybe you'd like to repair that chipping brick in your fireplace? Want a new pizza oven out on the back patio? Our technicians are also very capable woodworkers, which is crucial for foundation work and creating frames for projects like walls, framing, and pouring forms for concrete slab work. Need brick installation? Want to switch to a beautiful paved stone driveway? We'll do the whole project from start to finish - designing, assessing, grinding, paving, stamping, and finishing.

If you can dream it, we can build it.

For our commercial clients and larger industrial and enterprise-scale masonry projects, we've run and managed hundreds concrete installations with the same grace, pride, and dedication. Business choose Brookline Masonry because we're easy to work with, reliable, and consistent in our work. Our clients love their finished projects, and we couldn't be happier to help. As a small business ourselves, we rely and count on our loyal repeat customers. We earned the trust of so many customers with great work and fantastic attitudes. We put in the work to make your ideas work.

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Our Services

Retaining Walls
Pool Decks
Stone Veneer
Stone Paths
Wall Construction

What Masonry Contractors Do

Brookline Masonry concrete, brick & stone masonry.

We have a collection and portfolio of existing designs and models for our projects, but we also offer completely custom solutions or we can mix and match - using some features from existing designs and make tweaks and changes from our own artists and masonry designers.

Many of our new clients ask us, "what kind of work do masonry contractors do?"

​A better question may be "what kinds of work don't masonry contractors do?" Some (but not nearly all) of the masonry services we offer are: concrete blocks, brick masonry, stone mason, retaining walls, tuckpointing, fireplaces, stairs, steps, pathways, sidewalks, driveway repaving and installation, concrete foundations, concrete pouring, flatwork, stamped decorative concrete, brick walls, stacked stone walls & structures, wood retaining walls, stone walls, general paving, brick mortar repair, concrete grinding, crack repair, brick veneer, cinder blocks, foundation, stamped concrete, paver stones, residential, commercial, architectural masonry, resurfacing, concrete/brick patios, barbecues, fire pits, and fireplaces. Call us today for an instant general quote for any of those services, repairs, or installations. If there's something you need that wasn't listed here, just ask. We can definitely help you.

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Carrying on the ancient tradition of masonry and construction.

Humans have been building structures for tens of thousands of years. Masonry is an ancient art with many techniques, strategies, and practices that have been passed down through cultures through the eons. Now, we're continuing and honoring these traditions of masonry and artisan construction by using and continuing to teach ancient techniques as well as inventing and perfecting new and exciting techniques and technologies that the ancients could have only dreamed of!

We at Brookline Masonry pride ourselves in keeping up with the absolute latest in construction and material technology.

Much of our work is purely practical and essential infrastructure work, like installing concrete driveways, building ramps or concrete stairs for access to your home. The other side of our work is creating original, beautiful, amazing, and pleasing original designs and experiences with stone, concrete, and brick. These kinds of jobs set us apart from other masonry contractors and services because we combine and honor old masonry techniques and traditions while blending them with new technologies and modern sensibilities to create a hybrid blend of functional, yet beautiful masonry creations. We strive to get in touch with the architectural style and sensibilities of today while making creations that could last for hundreds or even thousands of years. Imagine a thousand years from now, our future descendants digging up and excavating a project you designed and we built.

After our initial consultation call with our clients, we create a specific plan and bill of materials needed for a given job. This information leads us to a more precise quote and understanding of the scope of your project, how much it will cost, and how we can best proceed with our masonry service, whether we'll be building some intricate stone and brick veneer block walls or building a state-of-the-art outdoor stone masonry kitchen, we guarantee that our construction will exceed your expectations. Don't forget our dedication to quality, friendly customer care and our quick and efficient turnaround time. We're confident that we'll be the only masonry contractors you'll want to work with when a new project comes to mind.

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We'll provide you with a full project price estimate.

Top Concrete & Masonry Contractor in Brookline, MA and the surrounding area

We have clients and customers all over the Boston, MA metropolitan and suburban area.

The cities and towns below are some, but not all of the areas we regularly service with contractor masonry work in eastern Massachusetts:

Boston Masonry

Cambridge Masonry

Natick Masonry

Framingham Masonry

Newton Masonry

Sudbury Masonry

Weston Masonry

Wayland Masonry

Needham Masonry

Roxbury Masonry

Allston Masonry

Somerville Masonry

Watertown Masonry

Waltham Masonry

Call us for any concrete, brick, or stone work you are looking for - everything from installations to repairs to material swaps and replacements. Call us for a free estimate (857) 477-7767.

There are a lot of homeowners in beautiful Brookline, MA with a lot of growth happening in nearby towns looking to update and freshen their properties. Our services add a unique charm, personality, and character to your home or business rather than you buying a cookie-cutter home or office. Our team of professionals and masonry experts have many years of experience. These artisans exemplify what it means to create functional and beautiful works that stand the test of time. Our professional touch makes our projects the best.

Let's build an outdoor fireplace that livens your yard while your friends and family visit on a cool Fall evening. Dive into summer fun with a brand new swimming pool or pond. Barbecue with your neighbors on a custom-built outdoor kitchen. Dream up a serene stone pathway from your yard to your door so the kids don't track dirt in the house. Need more driveway space for your teen's new car? We can widen your driveway slab and make a spacious new spot for a third car. The potential is limitless. Hire us to make sure all of your projects are done right the first time. Don't risk hiring unprofessional or untested contractors who haven't been doing this as long as we have at Brookline Masonry. We make your dreams a reality that will last for generations. After enhancing your property with a new new stone patio, fire pit, or a charming stacked stone, your home will be the warm and inviting go-to destination for friends and family that you've always wanted it to be.

Let's get started! Give us a call at (857) 477-7767.

Customer Testimonials

"My new stone patio is exactly how I designed it. Brookline Masonry was so kind and knowledgeable." 

Customer Testimonial

Shalom E.

Brookline, MA

"My living room feels so warm and inviting and brand new with our new fireplace. Really exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail." 

Customer Testimonial

Tristen V.

Brookline, MA

"Professional and reliable. These guys always deliver and they're there when you need them." 

Customer Testimonial

Tanya W.

Brookline, MA

"Amazing work on my new pool deck. Will be calling again soon to have my driveway repaved."

Customer Testimonial

John J.

West Roxbury, MA

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Whether your home needs a fresh facade or your garden retaining walls need repairing, Brookline Masonry's skilled stonemasons can build it.

Hire professionals.
Hire Brookline Masonry.

We're always here to assist you with all of your concrete, stone, or brick masonry projects. Give us a call at (857) 477-7767 for reliable, affordable, and beautiful masonry work in Brookline, MA and the surrounding area.

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